Lil White Lies

We speak truth to power by pulling back the veil on the lil white lies told daily.

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Small, harmless misrepresentations of the truth are commonly referred to as little white lies. Telling someone you like what he or she is wearing when you really don’t like their outfit is just one example. As a society, we are inundated with misrepresentations, half- truths, and outright lies about a host of issues with far-reaching consequences.  The declining significance of race, the myth of America as a meritocracy, and blind justice are just some of the lies far too many continue to tell. Lil White Lies speaks truth to power by pulling back the veil on these and other matter. We shine a critical light on a host of social justice issues to challenge conventional wisdom and create innovative ways to continue the difficult task of chipping away at the inherently unequal and inequitable walls and ceilings separating those with privilege from historically disadvantaged groups.

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